Saturday, April 28, 2012

Growing up - 14 months old.

Life has been ever so hectic over the past few months.  It has taken me about seven weeks to write this post.   It is just so hard to find the time to sit down and translate our daily lives into words.

Since the last post our kids have changed and grown up so much. All three of them are walking / running and have a full compliment of chompers.  If they see it , then it's fair game.   We have moved the display cabinet, the lamps, the side tables and you have to pass through the various gates to get around the house. You have to be quick when passing through a checkpoint as Alice and Oscar can move as quickly and quietly as ninjas.  Sometimes when you turn around in the kitchen, you are confronted by a smiling toddler looking up at you. 

They talk and talk, and then talk some more.  Danger is the word of the week this week.  We have been watching the dvd, 'Your Baby Can Read'.  I would recommend it to parents however, if you are English or Australian you have to make allowances for the spelling errors and it can be hard at times to understand voices as the DVD is aimed at a Northern American market.  We just turn the volume down on the TV and do our own voice overs in English when the words appear on the screen.  They are picking up the words and phrases with ease.  Arms up is especially handy when we are dressing them.  Alice picks her own clothes most of days.  She is getting quite good at it.  We will be commencing potty training with Alice over the coming days. She tells us when she needs to go. 

At the 12 month check up they were developing as expected.  Oscar is by far the heaviest of the three kids. At the 12 month check up he was 13.6 kg, Jonathan was 12.9 kg and Alice as 11.9 kg. They are all walking with Jonathan taking the plunge at 12 months.  We are in the process of switching from formula to cows milk.  No allergies so far and the kids love the taste of the milk.  They love peanut butter sandwiches, grapes, watermelons and butter chicken. 

We had a lady over to give the kids swimming lessons. They loved it, especially Jonathan.  He is a natural born swimmer. They run around the front yard playing with each other.  They have just discovered the slippery dip and never seem to tire of it.

There are certain things which I have finally accepted and have managed to let go of:
  1. The white leather lounge and cream carpet in the living room can be cleaned. We didn't have kids when we purchased the lounge.
  2. The new curtains are no longer new and they can be washed or dry cleaned to make them look new again.
  3. We have to buy multiples of the same toy or plastic container to avoid having a round of WWF happen before our very eyes.
  4. The TV remote control will invariably disappear from time to time. It usually turns up a few days later hidden in the toy box. The bedroom TV remote is still missing.
  5. Our retro 70's dinner service can't be replaced. (Thanks Oscar). We had it for about 7 years without any breakages. Since the kids have been mobile we have lost 3 plates, a saucer and 2 cups.
  6. Teeth marks, dents and scratches on the dinning table can't be buffed out. 
  7. Bunnykins bowls are meant to be broken. (Thanks Oscar)

The front yard is full of bright coloured plastic play equipment. It looks like we are running a daycare centre.  The three of them can be rather loud at times and they wave to all and sundry who pass by in cars or on foot.   Time for some photos. The boys still have blue eyes however we think that Alice will end up with hazel eyes.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

She walks - We are in trouble now

Well, our nurse in India said that Jonathan would be the first walk. Well I can report that Miriam was wrong. Alice is the leader of the pack. Friends said that she would be walking by Christmas however she started taking the first steps on Boxing day at 10 months and 2 weeks of age. Initially she took 2 steps and now she takes between 8-12 steps before sitting down or reaching the desired object. She thinks that she is so clever when she walks and give herself a round of applause each time. Oscar also took a few steps the other day however we haven't seen any other attempts since then.  Jonathan has mastered the art of crawling should be taking his first steps within the next month or so.

The family room is like the main road of GK1. The kids must think that they are India when they are in their walkers. They bang into everything and run around screaming with their horns (music) blaring. Alice is testing the strength of the perimeter fencing (child proof gates) by ram raiding them at high speed. She hasn't been able to escape as yet however she is trying to unlatch the gates. She has been watching us and knows how to unlock them but she doesn't have the strength to lift them up.

Oscar can now reach things on the on the kitchen bench and tables. I was tidying up the kitchen today and realised that the kids were quiet. I went out to the lounge room to find that Oscar had pulled a newspaper, a book and a pair of glasses to floor. Alice had the glasses in her mouth, Oscar was ripping the cover off the book and Jonathan was eating the newspaper. Honestly!

These kids don't miss a thing. Anything that is out of place is noticed and is fair game. Alice is very determined in that respect. You can't even have a cup of tea without them trying to grab it from you. The kids will eat almost anything that is put in front of them. Vita brits, vegemite and peanut butter sandwiches, ice cream, custard and jelly.

Alice has 7 teeth and the boys both have 4 teeth each. They crawl around and play games with each other. The laugh and carry on. The neighbours don't need alarm clocks due the noise in the mornings. They all generally go to bed by abut 7pm and wake between 4.45 and 5.30. Oscar often wakes us and in the morning by banging on the wall to let us know that he is up.

Their first Christmas went well however next year will be better as they should have a better appreciation of what it means. Time for some photos.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Photo time

It has been a while since we last posted. Between the kids and work, it is so hard to find a spare moment. The kids are thriving and are so very happy. The kids are now about nine and a half months old. Jonathan and Alice are now sleeping through the night however we are still working on Oscar. Jonathan finally made the first crawling movement however he seems to get around the room when you aren't looking. He loves making shadows with his hands in the afternoon sun. All the kids have teeth with more coming through. The all stand up. Alice is finding her balance and lets go of things when standing. She then looks at us and laughs as if to say, look at how clever I am. Oscar moves around the room using the edge of the lounge as support. They will be walking very very soon.

 Oscar has started to shake his head (No) when you ask him questions. It makes for some entertaining videos. Brad and the kids are up at the Bay again so I am taking the opportunity to 'reset' the house back to sparkling again.  We need a cleaner, wait a minute, that's me!

We put the new car to the test the other day when we went out for a spin with some friends.  4 adults and 3 babies out shopping for pots. The car passed with flying colours. The kids are growing so quickly. They are now in 1-2 size clothes.

The kids eat anything that is put in front of them. They will eat almost any vegetable or fruit  known to man. They love ice blocks, especially weis bars and have a hearts. I take the chocolate off the have a hearts first. Oscar has a fully developed ice block sucking action. He will eat half of a weis bar before I have to force him to stop. Must be the mango. The kids love watermelon and mango and kiwi fruit (chinese gooseberries).

Alice has worked out how to change the channel on the remote while the boys are still content to suck the remote and reprogram the TV. Time for a few photos.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Alice and Oscar are mobile.

Alice started to crawl last week Smack bang on 8 months old. Oscar also started crawling yesterday at 8 months and 1 week of age. Jonathan is still trying to master the art of rolling. I am sure he will get eventually get there. We have had to move everything up out of reach. The barriers to the kitchen went up on Sunday. Alice sits and observes how we unclip the gate. She must be plotting her escape. The are all very vocal and love talking, especially when you are on the phone.

They are not all sleeping through the night however they are becoming more consistent with when they are waking up during the night. Yesterday I decided that we needed a bigger car. We really needed the extra space of a 7 seater. So I went to the local Mazda dealer as they had a promotion on the CX9.  We decided to ditch the CX7 after only 6500 km.  It was a good car but sadly it just wasn't big enough for the triple pram and the kids. The new car is the same colour as the old one, it is just much bigger.  We should have the car delivered by Friday. Ummmm, new car smell, again. We now have to work out how to get the 3 baby stickers off the back window and transfer them to the new car. I have attached a small video from last week of Alice crawling.

Monday, October 3, 2011

We have teeth.

It has been some time since our last post. Alice and Jonathan have two teeth each with Oscar bringing up the rear. They are now 7 months and 3 weeks old and the boys weigh a little over 10kg and Alice weighs about 8.75kg. The all roll and it will only be matter of days until they crawl forward rather than backwards. They stand unaided against the playpen and love getting around in their walkers. They all interact with each other are now starting to share things with each other. The three kids have beautiful yet distinct personalities. Jonathan is so beautiful and gives away smiles and kisses to all and sundry. Oscar is a little more reserved however he has the most beautiful giggle. Alice smiles most of the time and loves to be picked up. We have learnt to put the remote up or else it ends up covered in drool. Time for some photos.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Six is good

We had a houseful of visitors today. From top left clockwise, Oscar, Alice Jonathan, Oliver, Harrison and Anastasia. They were all very well behaved for the duration of the visit.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A few quick photographs

It has been about five weeks since our last post. The kids have grown so much and now the boys weigh about 9kg and Alice is about 8 kg.  They are about to hit the 26 week mark next Monday. They are now scooting around in their walkers. Well, Jonathan hasn't quite got the concept of the walker yet however he is trying. They love their pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots and apple. Alice loves spitting it all over Grannie. They each have a favourite toy. Jonathan has a dinosaur, which he loves to rest on his face. Oscar has a best friend called Tigger and Alice has made friends with Piglet.

Alice has discovered her voice and loves to test it out by screaming for most the day. There is nothing the matter, she is testing her vocal range. Oscar started to copy his sister but a stern 'No' put an end to this.  Oscar and Alice are rolling with Jonathan bringing up the rear. He is too busy smiling to worry about rolling. Why should he roll when he just has to give one of his beautiful smiles and he gets picked up. Winter is finally drawing to close so I am hoping that we will be able to get the kids out in the prams in the very near future.

Brad and the kids went to the beach to visit his parents. I had to stay behind and work however I used this time to do some renovations, cleaning and baby proofing of the house. They arrive home tomorrow. The garage now only fits one car however I will be listing most of the stuff for sale on the net. My goal is to get my car back in garage in time for the storm season in November.

We have extended all of the cots from the mini stokke to the full size stokke cots. There is plenty of room for the kids now. Time for the last minute clean before they get home.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Time is marching on

Jonathan, Oscar and Alice are now about 19 weeks old. They are doing all of the things that 19 weeks olds should do. Jonathan is leading by example and sleeping from 7pm to 5am however his brother and sister aren't quite there yet. They had their 16 week injections a few weeks ago. Luckily I took holidays for these shots as we had very unsettled babies for about 5 days.

The kids are getting more interactive by the day. Oscar has found his voice and loves to talk, mostly at 2 in the morning. He is happy just chatting to himself however it wakes us up as he is in the room next to us and he wakes us up with his talking.

At 16 weeks Oscar weighed in at 7.75kg with Jonathan weighing in at 7.7kg. They are in the 95 percentile for height and weight. Alice is a dainty 6.5kg. Jonathan just loves his bottles and Alice gives the smiles away to anyone who asks. They are such happy bubs and they seem so contented. They love visitors and especially loved being picked. Alice has the cutest laugh and she giggles in her sleep, especially if she is sleeping on you and you start to laugh. Simply gorgeous. 

Following on with another series of photos, I asked Alice for a smile the other morning. She obliged with raised eyebrows, a small smirk and then a full on smile. The photos tell the story. Peter

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Going, Going, Gone!

We recently told the kids that Brad's workplace closed down. For us it isn't a bad thing as we saw it coming but the shock of it all was simply too much for the kids and they fell over.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I have been abandoned

One night earlier this week I suggested to Brad that he should take the kids and go and visit his parents while I am working during the week. Well, he actually thought that it would be a good idea and here I am on a Saturday night watching Dr Who and Spooks by myself. Yes, I am getting my 8 cents a day worth out of the ABC.  His parents live about 4 hours north of home at a lovely little seaside town however I was rather surprised to get a phone call from Brad after 3 hours 25 mins saying that he and the babies had arrived safely at the other end.

This is the first time that that we have taken the car out of the city and on a long run since we purchased it. Even the dealer was surprised to see that we had only done 2898 kilometres when I took it in for the first 6 month service.

Alice has started teething. My poor little bubba. We also think that Oscar is teething as he is displaying all of the classic teething signs. Jonathan has some white spots on his gums however I haven't been able to find any teeth as yet.

The kids are growing by the day and becoming more interactive with us. Jonathan and Oscar both smile at us in the mornings when we go in to say hello. Alice is usually asleep but by the time she gets out to the lounge room she is wide awake and full of beautiful smiles. They all talk with us, especially Oscar. They whinge until we take them out of their cots and bring them to the lounge room with us. They are as happy as Larry when they are out with us and they hardly ever make a sound. They love the paintings on the wall. Oscar has dibs on main painting in the lounge room, Jonathan has dibs on the smaller water colour and Alice has set her sights on the the Pro Hart on the wall. Very smart move on her behalf if you ask me.

Oscar kicked his legs out the other day and moved them from side to side and rolled over. He then proceeded to put his legs up again and roll back over landing on his back. Alice is rolling off of things already. Lucking she is only rolling off of me and i am there to stop her falling. I think that they will be mobile in the near future.

A few photos to enjoy.
Princess Alice

Oscar smiling

Out shopping in the city 

Out shopping in the city 2

Jonathan unhappy

This is where our trampoline will go Aunty Jill. (hint hint).  Close to the pool so we can jump from the tramp to the pool. And yes, there is a pool fence however it is out of view.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some photos

It has been a little while since I last posted and the kids have really started to grow. The are approaching the 11 week stage Oscar is approaching the 6.5kg mark and is now in 00 however we can just squeeze the odd 000 over his head, that is if we use the knee to make it stretch. Jonathan is about 5.3kg and is still fits 000 however some of them are a really tight fit. Alice is about 5 kg and is slowly bringing up the rear. Alice has almost mastered head and neck control while the boys still need to do little more work on it. Smiles all around from the kids. Jonathan and Oscar have killer smiles. Alice has only just started to smile at us when we ask her for a smile.

They are still teasing us with the overnight sleeps. The take turns of sleeping between 6 -8 hours overnight, often missing a feed. The time between feeds has slowly been increasing to about 4 hours. We are using 1 tin of formula per day however I am sure that at they grow this will increase. We have using Karicare Gold for them. Luckily they give you a discount on the purchase price of the formula if you have multiples. The formula normally retails for $24 per tin however we get it for about $13 a tin when we buy it in bulk.  I have previously prided myself on my eco-friendly credentials around the house however those credentials have mainly gone out the window. Thankfully we have front loading washing machine and free solar hot water. Previously we would do 3-4 loads of washing per week for Brad and I however we now do a minimum of 10 loads of washing per week. The washing is mainly dried for free by the sun, much to Brad's dismay.

Jonathan makes the most beautiful sound when he calls us in the morning. A very soft "A-wah". It think that this translates to "Hello, I'm and ready to see you now''. He is such a happy bub in the mornings.  Oscar, gives us a few calls every 2 mins or so. We are usually greeted with smile when he sees us. He is such a talkative little bub. Alice, well we think that she is secretly plotting to take over the world from her cot. When you look at her she generally will look away from you however when you avert you gaze, and then very quickly look back at her you find that she is looking at you. When she sees you look at her she very quickly looks away and gives you a smirk as if to say, 'I'm only a little girl.' She is such a beautiful little girl and dare I say it, she is going to have the boys wrapped around her little finger." Enjoy your Easter.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Vaccinations - Poor little dears

We took the kids for their 8 week vaccinations on Thursday morning. Hep B, Whooping Cough and Rotavirus were on the menu for the kids to sample. Over the past 4 days we have all of the possible side effects that the kids could get. Sunday was by far the worst day. Each of them took turns vomiting on me. Both of the boys also decided that I needed a pee bath and Oscar took it one step further and decided that my white pants needed some brown stains over them. All clean now.

They are growing by the day and their personalities are really starting to come out.. They all answer to their name, except Alice. She ignores you unless you have a bottle in your hand. Then you get a "Well, it's about time" look which is usually followed by a scream, because she can.  Jonathan is now 4.75 kg and he smiles most of the time. He has started talking to himself, and sometimes us. Oscar is now 5.5 kg and is much bigger than this brother. We is so talkative and loves the artwork on the walls. Today he was watching the television with us. I think that he likes the colours. Alice, Alice, Alice. Our little girl. She now weighs in at 4.7 kg. She is such a sweet girl. I am happy to announce that her lungs and voice box work really well. She loves being picked up and like here brothers she has started to smile at us.

They take turns at keeping us up during the night. Dr Shivani said that it would take about 3 months until we would have a restful night. They are teasing us with 4, 5, 6 and even 8 hours of sleep however they always seem to wake up at midnight. We have started a new routine of afternoon walks followed by bottles, a bath and then sleep by 7pm. We will see how it pays off.

Photos to come.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Back to work

Well, my 6 week experience with the little munchkins has come to an abrupt end. I start work again in about 90 mins. Brad will now have sole caring responsibility for the Jonathan, Oscar and Alice from here on in. I am lucky that I will be starting at 7am and finishing at 3pm. This will make the go day fairly quickly for Brad. I will be doing the 4.30am feeds as I am usually up getting ready for work at that time.

They are getting bigger by the day. We will shortly need a crane to lift Oscar out of his cot due to his size, a very solid (not fat) little boy. Alice has really taken to the kissing game. I now just have to look at her and say kisses and she opens her mouth waiting for me to push my cheek a little closer to get kiss from her. Jonathan has also started to work out how to play the game as he realises that as soon as it is over he gets his milk. Oscar, well he just isn't interested in playing that game as yet. He has taken to talking, well making noises, especially when I bath him.

The kids have had some issues with sleeping lately. We jumped on the net and read about the benefits of white noise. While Brad was deciding which CD would be the best one to buy (Fan noise, car noise etc) I turned the radio on and moved the dial off station. We now have FM static and 3 sleeping babies. The stereo in the nursery now plays FM static and we now have 3 babies who sleep between feeds.

If anyone has, or is expecting multiple babies, you should consider using the Podee baby feeding system. They have helped us feed 3 babies at once, hands free. We don't use them all of the time, yes we still do one on one feeding, however they come in really handy when you are at home by yourself with 3 crying babies. They were on Oprah. I am unsure if the reduce wind as claimed however they allow you feed 3 babies at once. Paula, you should have a look at getting some of these for your three. You can get them from ebay at a really good price.

Some photos. Peter

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My how quickly they grow.

Now that I have fully recovered from our traumatic encounters with the MHA and FRRO in New Delhi (I still feel that more therapy is required however some Verse 1 Cardonnay with do the trick),   I finally have the time to post some photos. The kids are thriving in the clean air of Australia. They no longer constantly sneeze.

The boys are 6 weeks old on Monday and Alice will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. Oscar now weighs in at a hefty 4.5kg, Jonathan at 3.5kg and Alice is 3.75kg. Alice has worked out how to play the kissing game with me. After about 2 goes she worked out that if she plays along with me she gets a bottle and of course some unwanted hugs and kisses. Oscar is ready lifting his head up when we put him on is stomach. Jonathan has started to imitate the call of a local crow. I have to listen really carefully to see if he is calling me or if it is the crow. The kids are responding to their names and they all know what the sound of the microwave means, MILK. We managed to get some red books for them. They had their first trip to see Dr Gary on Thursday. They loved the car ride and remained asleep for most of the trip and visit.

The air-conditioner for their room was installed on Friday. Now it is too cold in there, even with the temperature set on 25 degrees. They love their musical aquariums. Oscar has worked out how to turn his on.

Time for some photos: