Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Journey begins

Where to begin. We are two guys from Australia who would like to have a family. After much soul searching and discussion we decided to pack our bags and head off to India in the hope of fulfilling our dream. The following story traces our Journey as we progress through our journey to parenthood.

We left from the airport in Australia on 6 October 2009 for New Delhi via Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai. The following day we arrived in New Delhi after an overnight stay in Mumbai. Mumbai was an interesting place, full of interesting people. We made our way to the Mumbai domestic airport, allowing some time for delays. It took about an hour to get through security at the airport. Better to be safe than sorry I say. We arrived at the New Delhi domestic airport at about 10am. As this was our first trip to India it was safe to say that we had no Idea of what to expect however, any I can say that any future travel plans will to India will involve being picked up from the Airport by the hotel car service.

October 7 2009
We arrived at the hotel (The Velvet Apple) at about 12.15 pm. The hotel was approximately 100 meters down the road from the Phoenix hospital and centrally located to the M block markets and other local Delhi attractions. The positives for the hotel are the air-con and the complimentary Wi-Fi.

Our meeting with the Dr was scheduled for 2pm that afternoon. We met with the Dr in her rooms at the hospital. It is always nice to meet people in person after conversing with them via electronic mediums. What a pleasure it was to finally meet with the Dr D in person. I can say that she has a very good sense of humour as we laughed so much. During our meeting i observed that the Dr was looking at my hair, almost with a look of disbelief on her face. I took this opportunity to explain to her that I my hair looked the way it did as I had taken the "opportunity" the night before, after several beers, to trim my own hair, as I couldn't get to the hair dresser before we left for India. I reassured the Dr that I didn' t ordinarily cut my own hair, with what appeared to be a set of hedge clippers, and that she was in fact in no danger from me, despite what the hair cut suggested. It truly was a bad hair cut. We discussed where I could get a hair cut in Delhi however when I approached a barber shop I observed the way they were looking at my hair. I decided to keep walking and went to the shop next door. I finally had my hair fixed by a lovely hai dresser at the Phuket Hilton Arcadia about 5 days later.

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