Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's try again

We finally arrived home on 25 October to a comfortable bed. The following day we called Doctor Shivani to discuss the outcome of our first attempt. The egg donor that we used was a proven donor however we had only managed to get 2 embryos to the implant stage from this attempt.
It was decided that we should start the process over again. In consultation with Doctor Shivani we selected a new egg donor. This time around we had better success with the egg donor as we ended up with enough embryos for three attempts at IVF. Hopefully this round of attempts will have a better outcome.


  1. It is worth noting that by starting the process of selecting a new egg donor comes at a financial cost as you effectively have to start over again.

  2. On November 19 we received an email from Dr Shavani advising us that the surrogate and egg donor has both started on their treatment program. We will have to wait for another four weeks until the embryo transfer. The wait begins again.

    December 7 - We received an email from Dr Schavani advising us that the donor had actually concieved. Obviously not from the procedure. This left us wondering what we were going to do next. Dr Schavani advised that the donor would go through the process again and would be available for donation again around early January. We didn't expect this situation to occur and as such we were a little confused as what was going on. However, we accepted what the Dr has told us as began started the waiting process again.

    DECEMBER 21 - We received an email from Dr Schivani advising us that the stimulation process for the donor and egg collection would be in two weeks time. How exciting.

    DECEMBER 24 - Christmas Eve. We received an email from DR Schavani advising us that the egg collection was done today and that 13 eggs had been collected. What the? This was a little early however we were please with the outcome. The transfer was planned for Christmas day.

    December 25 = Christmas day "Yeah". We visited our parents for a few days over Christmas. I forgot that I hadn't mention this to my brother and sister in law. Needless to say, they were both very supportive and happy for our decision to pursue this avenue to have a child. We received an email from Dr Schavani advising us that they had 19 fertilised eggs and that they were going to transfer 4 eggs and freeze the rest of them. Lets hope that we have some good news this time around.