Monday, August 23, 2010

My how things change

What a week. After the scare last week with surrogate mom 1 we received the 11 week scan from the Dr. As the surrogate mother lost one of the twins her pregnancy is now listed as being high risk. This means that there is about a 25% chance of the pregnancy ending within the next month however as time progress the risk reduces. There could be other complications later in the pregnancy however we have our fingers crossed.

Surrogate mum number 2 initially had some problems and we were under the impression that only one baby would progress however it appears as if both babies are fine and dandy at this stage. So it now appears as if we have a fairly reasonable chance of ending up with 3 children. The Dr said the as the pregnancies progress the chance of success increase as the babies become stronger.All of the them measure about 4 cm, which is about normal for their stage of development.

Due date - At this stage 40 weeks is about March 13 however we are assuming that they will come early and as such we are making plans to be ready from about the beginning of February. We are hopeful that they will make a minimum of 35 weeks however we will have no control of this.

Well, it looks like we may need a bigger car. I will wait until the 28 week mark before buying one. If there are 3 we are very limited to the type of car we need. We have been looking at the outlander as it can easily fit 3 baby seat across the back and it comes in a 7 seat version. Will add updates as we received them.


  1. I'm so happy for you! Three That's a triple miracle.

    The apartment is fab and Anil is wonderful. You'll love it!


  2. I just found your blog. I didn't know you had one. I'm so glad to hear that both surrogates are doing well and that it looks 3 babies after all. Congratulations! It does sound like a bigger car is definitely in order.


  3. Hope things continue well for you guys!!! You must be at 12 week stage now...