Monday, August 30, 2010

Now for something totally unrelated.

I thought that now is a good time as ever to take a break from posting about surrogacy and start posting something a little lighter. Now for that music clip or two that takes be back to Year 10 at high school. This is a youtube link. It is amazing the stuff that you can find on youtube. The first clip was made 28 years ago and is representative of technology of the time.
I have no idea how to work my youtube grabber so you will have to copy the link. The band is transX - Living on video.
The Go Go's . They looked so young back then. It is only when you get older that you realise just how long ago this all seems.

If you like electronics this is the coolest site that you will ever come across in you travels across the world wide web.

Every now and then we must all digress from the topic at hand and have some time out. I find that reliving your youth via the music videos on youtube is a good way to recharge and start again. The next post will be surrogacy related.

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