Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another day - another update

After a week of waiting I finally heard from our HR area regarding my leave entitlement. I should probably set the scene by saying that I work for a branch of the federal public service. Due to recent changes in tax laws, family benefit laws and so on, our agency agreement recognises that fact that not all families consist of the traditional family unit. The fine print in our agency agreement only mentioned a definition of  multiple births with reference to one pregnancy, obviously not realising that a situation such as mine may exist. Ordinarily, our situation probably wouldn't exist however we have just been lucky with two surrogate mums pregnant however in this game we must remember that things can change at the drop of a hat.

So the outcome was that I am eligible for 2 weeks paid leave for each of the pregnancies.  This of course has to be approved by the delegate (Manager) but this shouldn't be a problem. This will work out well if the twins come early and the singleton arrives on time. This will allow me to go to India for the first  bub retrieval trip and the stay home looking after the twins during the next baby run.

We now have two stokke cots for the babies. One is in the cupboard and the other is set up in one of the spare room. We have decided on which room is going to be the nursery. I wanted to put them in the front room however I was told , 'No', as they would be too far from the main bedroom. So the room next to ours is going to be the nursery. The next step will be to start clearing the room out and replacing the carpet with a wooden floor. The beauty of the stoke cots is that they can be moved from room to room with ease, with the babies in them.

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