Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Surrogate mum number two update

We received an update from the Dr yesterday regarding surrogate mum number two. All is well with the surrogate mother and the baby. So we still have three healthy babies on the go. All of the measurements  are within the normal range. All the pregnancies are at 16 weeks and 4 days. We are now getting very close to the halfway point or 20 weeks however after reading many of the other blogs it appears as if many of the pregnancies  only go for between 32 and 35 weeks for twins and between 33 and 36 weeks for singles. . We are still hopeful that the babies will make it all of the way however being the realist that I am, I feel that we are very close to the halfway point.

We are continuing to prepare the house for the new arrivals. The  newly levelled back yard has grass growing on it. The blinds in the family room have been replaced and the colour scheme and blinds for the nursery have been decided on. We only have to buy the baby car seats, at 30 weeks, and the high chairs. We pretty much have everything under control. 

I will update the blog as we receive further information. 


  1. Wonderful news! It looks like you will soon be having a very full house!

    I've been looking over the blog and forum numbers as well to figure out when we need to go back to India. Our doctor just told us to be there by 36 weeks if we want to arrive before our singleton baby does.

  2. Due to the size of many of the surrogates, anything past 36 weeks, especially for twins, can be dangerous for the surrogate and for the babies. But I wouldn't worry, the medical technology today is awesome and unless your babies came WAY early, you should be fine.

  3. Yowsa, are you that far along? And I only just found your blog : ( off to catch up with what's been happening!