Saturday, October 30, 2010

Updated 20 weeks scan

We spent a few additional days waiting for the scans of surrogate mum number two and I can definitely say that it was worth the wait. The Dr must be using a different clinic to do the scans as we received about twenty 3D scan over the past 3 days. They probably wanted to make sure that all was well after the bleeding episode. All the results came back within the normal range. You can make out the faces of the babies. I reckon that one of them is looks a little grumpy in the scan however it is probably a little early to tell this this is the case. We will have to wait, hopefully, for another 15 weeks to find this one out.

As time passes we are slowly making preparations for the new arrivals. The backyard make over is almost the complete. The water fountains around the pool have been installed. I don't know how we can associate that one to the babies but is worth a try. The new transport arrived on Thursday. It has to be run in first so we will take it for a spin today. New cars are always nice but this one just doesn't quite do it for me. The CX7 doesn't fill me with need to drive it like my Focus does. I suppose that this why we haven't driven it yet. Our friend has made 3 sets of sheets for each of the stoke cots. This worked out to be about 1/3 the price of buying the pre-made sheets.  A big thank you Leanne.

Aunty Jill, her adopted title, says that every child needs a trampoline in the back yard to play on. What about the parents I say. I love trampolines with the back flips and all. We will have to wait 5 years until they are old enough to start jumping on one. I was looking at one in Kmart the other day. They have taken all of the fun out of it.  Barriers, spring covers, foam over the metal frame. I miss the days of the big pinch marks from the springs and sprained ankle from falling off the tramp. Kids these days have no idea of what type of excitement they are missing out on.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update from the Doctor

After a sleepless Friday night we decided to call the Dr on Saturday and discuss what was happing with the health of surrogate mother number two.She advised that she would be released from hospital later that day and for us not to worry.  The heartbeats for the twins have been detected and 3D scan is scheduled for Monday. The bleeding has stopped and it appears as if the surrogate mother may have had a mild placenta abruptio. This is also what Dr Google had initially diagnosed in this case.

Since this event occurred we are hastily bringing forward our preparations for a visa and putting our employers on notice as it looks as if we may need to be ready to go from 28 weeks rather than 32 weeks as we have initially planned. We really do not want this to happen as this increases the chances of complications dramatically however if it does happen, we will be ready for it. 

Shopping spree in preparation for the new arrivals - A new twin stroller for knocking about the suburbs. It is a little older however it will be perfect for the off road walks.  Another new twin stroller this time an 'Emmaljunga'. It has many features including the ability to change the direction of the handle so the babies can face forwards or backwards. I have been banned from ridding in it however I reckon that it would a whole lot of fun. Push me faster, faster I say. 

The new car arrives on Thursday. I got it for a good price but it took 2 hours of haggling. It fits 3 normal width baby seat across the back however we are unsure as to whether the pram will fit in the cargo area. My Focus has a large boot however the new pram would fit in boot. we had to put the seat down to fit it in.  Really should researched that one a little better. 

I will provide updates when we get more 3D scan in. Peter 

Friday, October 22, 2010

20 week update - Not what we were expecting

We have been waiting for the email to arrive from the Dr  regarding the 20 week scan for surrogate mum number two. Today marks the 20 week point. At about 9pm last light we received an email from Neha at the agency advising us that surrogate mum number 2 had been admitted to hospital the day before due to moderate bleeding. As you could imagine, the panic set in pretty much straight away. I eventually settled down and went to bed and tried to sleep however that was pretty much a pointless exercise. I left the computer on with the volume turned all the way up, hoping that we would hear any incoming email updates during the night. I kept on getting woken up by emails from ebay and trip advisor at 2 and 3 in the morning.

The surrogate mum will remain in hospital until the bleeding has stopped completely. Indications are that the bleeding is reducing however we haven't received a recent update as it is currently 1:30am in Delhi. The email from Neha said that the babies heartbeats were OK. So now the waiting game begins. I have been doing some research on the causes of bleeding during pregnancy and it appears as if it could be caused from something as simple intercourse to causes unknown. We can only hope that this is just a little bump in the road and that all will be well by the next time that I post. Peter.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What a Picture

We were sitting at home last night and at about 7pm when an email from the Dr popped up.  We were surprised and pleased to see the 20 week scan arrive a few days early. The scan was of the singleton pregnancy. Much to our relief, everything appears to be good with all of the measurements sitting within the normal range. We expect that the scans for the twins will arrive within the next few days. After looking at the scan, I feel that we are having a boy but don't hold me to that. The baby has Brad's brow line, well i think so anyway. We would be happy to hear what you think in regard to boy or girl. When you receive images like this the reality of it all sinks in. I have been so happy and smiling all day thinking about this image of bubba number 1. Brad thinks that he/she would like a pony but I think that it is a little too soon to thinking about this as yet.

We have finally decided on a new car to transport the children around in. After many agonising hours we have decided upon a Mazda CX7. The only thing left to do is pick a colour and hopefully pick up the car by this time next week. We were set on an outlander but the fitting of baby seat anchor points and the lack of safety feature on the standard models helped us to change our minds and go with the Mazda.

The back yard is now fully grassed and growing really well. With all of the early spring rain that we have had, the grass is growing about 5 cm per week. A sea of green with greet the children when they get a little older. New scans as they arrive. Peter

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Anniversary - One year on

This time exactly one year ago we were locking the front door and jumping in the car and beginning our trip to the airport. You have to love those 4.00 AM departures. When we sit back and reflect on the events of the past 12 months, we can san that it has been a journey filled with much excitement and anticipation. We only have about 18 weeks or so before this chapter of the journey is complete however we are looking forward to the next chapter. Brad has started buy things for the babies although this is proving somewhat difficult due to fact that we don't know what sex the babies will be so we are buying things that are white and green with cute little animals on them.

I can't believe that tomorrow will mark one year since we met the lovely Dr.  If all goes to plan we will have the pleasure of meeting her and her staff again in about 18 weeks from now, I would be happier with 20 weeks. Oddly enough, I am looking forward to chaos that is Delhi however, if you ask me about after I have been there for a month I may have a different opinion for you.

I went pram shopping yesterday and found the pram of my dreams. Brad told me to keep on dreaming as we could buy the car seats and high chairs for the cost of the pram. It is a very nice pram but I suppose we could make do with one that doesn't require you to pull up at a servo to pump up the tyres.  The price difference between the compact and normal baby seats is amazing. You would think that because they are smaller they would be cheaper to make but sadly this is not the case. We are going to go for the compact seats as this way they will be interchangeable between the large car and the medium car.

Further updates as they become available.