Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update from the Doctor

After a sleepless Friday night we decided to call the Dr on Saturday and discuss what was happing with the health of surrogate mother number two.She advised that she would be released from hospital later that day and for us not to worry.  The heartbeats for the twins have been detected and 3D scan is scheduled for Monday. The bleeding has stopped and it appears as if the surrogate mother may have had a mild placenta abruptio. This is also what Dr Google had initially diagnosed in this case.

Since this event occurred we are hastily bringing forward our preparations for a visa and putting our employers on notice as it looks as if we may need to be ready to go from 28 weeks rather than 32 weeks as we have initially planned. We really do not want this to happen as this increases the chances of complications dramatically however if it does happen, we will be ready for it. 

Shopping spree in preparation for the new arrivals - A new twin stroller for knocking about the suburbs. It is a little older however it will be perfect for the off road walks.  Another new twin stroller this time an 'Emmaljunga'. It has many features including the ability to change the direction of the handle so the babies can face forwards or backwards. I have been banned from ridding in it however I reckon that it would a whole lot of fun. Push me faster, faster I say. 

The new car arrives on Thursday. I got it for a good price but it took 2 hours of haggling. It fits 3 normal width baby seat across the back however we are unsure as to whether the pram will fit in the cargo area. My Focus has a large boot however the new pram would fit in boot. we had to put the seat down to fit it in.  Really should researched that one a little better. 

I will provide updates when we get more 3D scan in. Peter 

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  1. Glad to hear that surrogate and twins are doing well - fingers crossed that all will stay quiet for you all!!!