Saturday, October 30, 2010

Updated 20 weeks scan

We spent a few additional days waiting for the scans of surrogate mum number two and I can definitely say that it was worth the wait. The Dr must be using a different clinic to do the scans as we received about twenty 3D scan over the past 3 days. They probably wanted to make sure that all was well after the bleeding episode. All the results came back within the normal range. You can make out the faces of the babies. I reckon that one of them is looks a little grumpy in the scan however it is probably a little early to tell this this is the case. We will have to wait, hopefully, for another 15 weeks to find this one out.

As time passes we are slowly making preparations for the new arrivals. The backyard make over is almost the complete. The water fountains around the pool have been installed. I don't know how we can associate that one to the babies but is worth a try. The new transport arrived on Thursday. It has to be run in first so we will take it for a spin today. New cars are always nice but this one just doesn't quite do it for me. The CX7 doesn't fill me with need to drive it like my Focus does. I suppose that this why we haven't driven it yet. Our friend has made 3 sets of sheets for each of the stoke cots. This worked out to be about 1/3 the price of buying the pre-made sheets.  A big thank you Leanne.

Aunty Jill, her adopted title, says that every child needs a trampoline in the back yard to play on. What about the parents I say. I love trampolines with the back flips and all. We will have to wait 5 years until they are old enough to start jumping on one. I was looking at one in Kmart the other day. They have taken all of the fun out of it.  Barriers, spring covers, foam over the metal frame. I miss the days of the big pinch marks from the springs and sprained ankle from falling off the tramp. Kids these days have no idea of what type of excitement they are missing out on.

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  1. Right on! We used to stick firecrackers on a rotary sprinkler and watch them go off. Ah the good old days of speeding down hill on a bicycle with no helmet. no damage done (except being hit by a VW beetle when I was 9 : )