Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What a Picture

We were sitting at home last night and at about 7pm when an email from the Dr popped up.  We were surprised and pleased to see the 20 week scan arrive a few days early. The scan was of the singleton pregnancy. Much to our relief, everything appears to be good with all of the measurements sitting within the normal range. We expect that the scans for the twins will arrive within the next few days. After looking at the scan, I feel that we are having a boy but don't hold me to that. The baby has Brad's brow line, well i think so anyway. We would be happy to hear what you think in regard to boy or girl. When you receive images like this the reality of it all sinks in. I have been so happy and smiling all day thinking about this image of bubba number 1. Brad thinks that he/she would like a pony but I think that it is a little too soon to thinking about this as yet.

We have finally decided on a new car to transport the children around in. After many agonising hours we have decided upon a Mazda CX7. The only thing left to do is pick a colour and hopefully pick up the car by this time next week. We were set on an outlander but the fitting of baby seat anchor points and the lack of safety feature on the standard models helped us to change our minds and go with the Mazda.

The back yard is now fully grassed and growing really well. With all of the early spring rain that we have had, the grass is growing about 5 cm per week. A sea of green with greet the children when they get a little older. New scans as they arrive. Peter

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