Wednesday, November 24, 2010

24 week update - All is well

We received the 24 week update on Friday. Both surrogate mothers are in good health. The singleton has a gestational weight of approximately 563 grams +/- 12% with no obvious abnormalities. All the bits and pieces are where they should be. The twins are slightly larger at 740 and 760 grams respectively with no obvious abnormalities. Once again, all of the bits and pieces are where they should be. The placenta has changed from low lying to being situated on the anterior /posterior wall. The doctor said that we shouldn't be overly concerned about the low lying placenta and she was right.

Preparations are well under way for the the arrival of the babies. 2 weeks ago we decided it was time to make a start on the nursery. We completely gutted the computer room and started the makeover. We took a complete carload (boot, backseat, front seat) of stuff to the dump. We had boxes and boxes of stuff in the cupboards that had been sitting for years. We thought that if we haven't used it in seven years then we the chances of it being used again would be slim. We also gave away about 500 books to the local goodwill store. That should keep them going for a little while.

We kept the carpet in the nursery as it gave a warm feeling to the room. We painted the nursery a colour called princess bling. This is a slight off white colour. The room feels very clean. We purchased a rug that was full of earthy brown and red hues. This adds a splash of colour to the room. The room looks large due to the fact that the ceiling and walls look very similar. This adds to the feeling of space. The change table, chair and two cots have been set up. We haven't had the time to set up the third cot as yet however this will happen over the weekend. I will post more as further details come to hand.