Thursday, December 30, 2010

Preparations continue

The nursery has finally been completed. The cupboard doors received their final coat of paint yesterday and new handles. The door to the nursery received a final coat of paint and a new handle. I thought that a new door handle would be a good idea, to add that final touch to the room. Note to self, only buy good quality handles. I installed the new door handle. I was impressed as it worked beautifully and looked a real treat. I tested it several times, opening and closing, all was going well until I tried to open it for the fifth time then suddenly I heard what appeared to be a spring breaking. The handle still worked however it no longer fully retracted the barrel. Hmmm, what to do. Brad was as work and I was at home by myself. After an hour I finally managed to free myself from the nursery, just in time for Brad to walk through the door. I think the cats arse look on my face said it all as he didn't initially ask how my day had been. I wonder if the original door handle was taking revenge on me for discarding it??? Well I am pleased to say that I have put the original handle back where it was and the equilibrium has been restored to the room. .

We have started the process of washing all of the baby outfits and nappies. The line if full of the reusable nappies and liners (Similar to Pea Pods). I will be washing and drying clothes, towel and bibs for the rest of the day. The reality of what is about to come our way kicks in when you wash 60 reusable nappies, 30 face clothes, 20 baby towels, 30 bibs, about 100 baby outfits. We have found a washing powder that ticks all of the boxes for allergies etc and it is environmentally friendly.

We purchased a fan for the nursery in the boxing day sales. We settled for a Dyson air multiplier as they have no blades. This is a good thing as babies will not be able to put fingers or things in the fan however the one that I purchased has a cobalt blue inner ring. I have a feeling that this will attract little hands.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Having a bit of fun before they arrive - Not baby related.

I managed to get a photo of the hi-fi pumping out 100 watts per channel to Laura Branigan singing Self Control. I managed to get the take a photo during a bass beat. The photo isn't the best. I am sure the neighbours aren't enjoying it but I won't be able to do this soon, that is after the babies arrive. The only problem with the records are the scratches. Really bad when you have it on half volume and you hear Laura saying self control click over and over again. Susan from across the road, hi and thanks for the Christmas present. I hope that you like Laura Branigan. Peter

Thursday, December 23, 2010

28 week update - Growing nicely

I must be practising for when the babies arrive as once again it is 3.30am I here I am sitting in front of the computer. The scans for surrogate mum number two arrived this morning. We are pleased to report that both the twins and surrogate mum are doing well. The gestational age for both of the twins is 30 weeks and one day. Twin one weighs in at 1.295 kg while twin 2 weighs in at 1.398 kg, or about 3 pounds in the old scale.  If they keep growing at this rate there will be very little room let for them soon however we would like them to stay in for as long as possible as I don't start my leave until early February which is around the  35 week stage. The twins are still about 15% bigger than the singleton however this is consistent with the difference between them at the 24 week stage. The report from the Dr advised that everything is going well with this pregnancy.

Thank you to all of those who put their order in for the vxxxxa that we had on offer earlier this week. We have now sold out of the product and we expect that we will start shipping your orders later this week.

Seasons greetings and we hope that you and and your loved ones enjoy your Christmas break. Peter and Brad.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Apologies to all of our contacts- Unless you really do want Viagra

Well, the phone call from Brad's father sort of gave it all away. He was wondering why he would be receiving an email from Brad about Vxxxxa. Brad very quickly added 'Well, how many do you want to buy?" Seriously though, if you have received an email from Brad's hotmail address, about the purchasing of the wonder drug Vxxxxa, please disregard this email. This includes the Dr Accounts@the agency, Megan, his boss, my boss, the real estate agents who manage our properties, our bank, our travel agents, our tax agent, India Visa Applications, Department of Foreign Affairs, Sydney IVF and the list goes on, I think that you get the picture.

We were going to send a group email advising that there was an issue with the hotmail however we didn't want people to think, 'What is he trying to sell now, contraceptive pills?' The main thing is, the MAC is ok and doesn't have any key loggers or the like however, we will be migrating our mail over to our main internet provider and we will let you know the updated address in due course.


 Peter and Brad.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

28 Week Update

While sitting at the computer at 2.51am, not being  able to sleep, the 28 week scan for surrogate mother number 1 turned up (Singleton)  Thankfully, everything is fine. The message from SCI said that Dr Shivani has reviewed the scan and that every thing is fine. The baby now weighs in at a whopping 1202 grams +/- 12%. The gestational age of the baby is 29 weeks.

2 days ago we discovered that both of the surrogate mothers needed to have intravenous injections of Iron supplements. This process was done in hospital (Phoenix) as a day patient with a total of 6 iron injections in does of 200 mg each via a saline drip over a 4 -6 hour period.  These injections have to be  given in a fully equipped hospital like Phoenix -- as the risk includes anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction causing among other things inability to breathe) so they need to have emergency care faclities and and medical staff available within seconds. Dr Google suggests that about 80% of women who are pregnant could be impacted by low iron levels at some stage during their pregnancy.

We are happy to report that both of the surrogate mothers are doing remarkably well given the fact that one of them is carrying twins and that the other one is carrying a baby that is much bigger than during her pregnancy.

If all goes as planned we will be leaving for India in 8 - 9 weeks time to meet the newest family members.
The paperwork process has begun, sorry trees. DNA testing is about to start. Attorney, undecided at this stage. Accommodation - will be arranged when when we arrive however the World Series Cricket is on in February with several games scheduled for Delhi, bugga. Will provide further updates as the become available.