Saturday, December 18, 2010

28 Week Update

While sitting at the computer at 2.51am, not being  able to sleep, the 28 week scan for surrogate mother number 1 turned up (Singleton)  Thankfully, everything is fine. The message from SCI said that Dr Shivani has reviewed the scan and that every thing is fine. The baby now weighs in at a whopping 1202 grams +/- 12%. The gestational age of the baby is 29 weeks.

2 days ago we discovered that both of the surrogate mothers needed to have intravenous injections of Iron supplements. This process was done in hospital (Phoenix) as a day patient with a total of 6 iron injections in does of 200 mg each via a saline drip over a 4 -6 hour period.  These injections have to be  given in a fully equipped hospital like Phoenix -- as the risk includes anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction causing among other things inability to breathe) so they need to have emergency care faclities and and medical staff available within seconds. Dr Google suggests that about 80% of women who are pregnant could be impacted by low iron levels at some stage during their pregnancy.

We are happy to report that both of the surrogate mothers are doing remarkably well given the fact that one of them is carrying twins and that the other one is carrying a baby that is much bigger than during her pregnancy.

If all goes as planned we will be leaving for India in 8 - 9 weeks time to meet the newest family members.
The paperwork process has begun, sorry trees. DNA testing is about to start. Attorney, undecided at this stage. Accommodation - will be arranged when when we arrive however the World Series Cricket is on in February with several games scheduled for Delhi, bugga. Will provide further updates as the become available.


  1. All sounds like things are going to plan!! Keep resting and do not stress to much about the paperwork!! Be prepared with all you can and learn about the process but there is a definite flow to how things will happen and you can not do part B without A....

    The cricket will add an amazing atmosphere to your stay!!! The Indians love there cricket and what is going to India without a festival or a major sporting event or even a visit from the president of USA....

    Go out to dinner book concert tickets and have fun in 10 weeks your world will be very very different..

    Good luck


  2. All coming along nicely. Not long now. Your world will turn upside down, and all for the better : )

  3. all systems are a go. have a merry christmas and exciting new year. be sure to keep up posted, step by step