Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Apologies to all of our contacts- Unless you really do want Viagra

Well, the phone call from Brad's father sort of gave it all away. He was wondering why he would be receiving an email from Brad about Vxxxxa. Brad very quickly added 'Well, how many do you want to buy?" Seriously though, if you have received an email from Brad's hotmail address, about the purchasing of the wonder drug Vxxxxa, please disregard this email. This includes the Dr Accounts@the agency, Megan, his boss, my boss, the real estate agents who manage our properties, our bank, our travel agents, our tax agent, India Visa Applications, Department of Foreign Affairs, Sydney IVF and the list goes on, I think that you get the picture.

We were going to send a group email advising that there was an issue with the hotmail however we didn't want people to think, 'What is he trying to sell now, contraceptive pills?' The main thing is, the MAC is ok and doesn't have any key loggers or the like however, we will be migrating our mail over to our main internet provider and we will let you know the updated address in due course.


 Peter and Brad.


  1. The minute someone invents a way to track down Spammers and send them a lethal e-mail...I'M IN! The Viagra e-mails are bad enough, but I really don't need a bride from Russia nor do I need to increase my breast size.

  2. Loved it but as we are already pregnant thought it would be a waste of money... will have no time for that when our 3 arrive!!!