Monday, December 27, 2010

Having a bit of fun before they arrive - Not baby related.

I managed to get a photo of the hi-fi pumping out 100 watts per channel to Laura Branigan singing Self Control. I managed to get the take a photo during a bass beat. The photo isn't the best. I am sure the neighbours aren't enjoying it but I won't be able to do this soon, that is after the babies arrive. The only problem with the records are the scratches. Really bad when you have it on half volume and you hear Laura saying self control click over and over again. Susan from across the road, hi and thanks for the Christmas present. I hope that you like Laura Branigan. Peter

1 comment:

  1. My lovely neighbours hope you had a great christmas with the family, next christmas will be so much more different,noisy and fun. Laura Branigan was coming through loud and clear, and I do recall thinking to self ahh yes Peter must get it all out of your system now, enjoy while you can.