Thursday, December 30, 2010

Preparations continue

The nursery has finally been completed. The cupboard doors received their final coat of paint yesterday and new handles. The door to the nursery received a final coat of paint and a new handle. I thought that a new door handle would be a good idea, to add that final touch to the room. Note to self, only buy good quality handles. I installed the new door handle. I was impressed as it worked beautifully and looked a real treat. I tested it several times, opening and closing, all was going well until I tried to open it for the fifth time then suddenly I heard what appeared to be a spring breaking. The handle still worked however it no longer fully retracted the barrel. Hmmm, what to do. Brad was as work and I was at home by myself. After an hour I finally managed to free myself from the nursery, just in time for Brad to walk through the door. I think the cats arse look on my face said it all as he didn't initially ask how my day had been. I wonder if the original door handle was taking revenge on me for discarding it??? Well I am pleased to say that I have put the original handle back where it was and the equilibrium has been restored to the room. .

We have started the process of washing all of the baby outfits and nappies. The line if full of the reusable nappies and liners (Similar to Pea Pods). I will be washing and drying clothes, towel and bibs for the rest of the day. The reality of what is about to come our way kicks in when you wash 60 reusable nappies, 30 face clothes, 20 baby towels, 30 bibs, about 100 baby outfits. We have found a washing powder that ticks all of the boxes for allergies etc and it is environmentally friendly.

We purchased a fan for the nursery in the boxing day sales. We settled for a Dyson air multiplier as they have no blades. This is a good thing as babies will not be able to put fingers or things in the fan however the one that I purchased has a cobalt blue inner ring. I have a feeling that this will attract little hands.

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  1. All coming along nicely. Bravo for even attempting to change a door handle. That is definitely a job for my dad. I can't believe you're going reusable ... oh my Lordy-doody you have some washing ahead of you. I am impressed!