Thursday, January 20, 2011

32 week update - Continued

We received an email from the Dr today advising that the surrogate mother was still being monitored and treated for an irritable uetrus and she was on injectable meds but the neck of womb closed. This roughly translates to 'I want to come out but she won't let me'.

They are doing CTG monitoring twice daily (heartbeat monitoring) however the baby does not appear to be in distress and appears at this stage to be happy. Dr Shivani advised us that it is so difficlut to predict what will happen next however it doesnt look like delivery will occur anytime soon.  What a relief, I will actually be able to sleep tonight knowing that everything is under control.

The DNA testing paperwork finally arrived today. We just have to wait for the testing kit to arrive at the laboratory. I pick up the second single pram tomorrow. I am yet to work out why we need 4 prams but it will be good to have a set of knock about prams, for the burbs, and a set of 'show' prams for the more formal occasions, such as meeting the Queen, or even John Waters. Picture it, our three babies in one of his movies. The only issue is that I don't know where I could buy size 000 cha cha heels from. If we had a girl or two we could call them Taffy,  Dawn, Edna or even Ida. Nahhh, wouldn't work.


  1. For some reason while reading this post I misread the word soon for son, and baby for boy. A premonition perhaps? Hang in there little baby, you have to wait!!!

    Meg x

  2. Good news. I am sure you're relieved!
    Oh and I think I know a place for baby Cha chas if you do end up needing them ;)