Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hospital visit - Waiting for an update

I awoke at 3:20 AM, as you do, to a feeling that I should check the email account for messages. We had a few messages advising us that one of wonderful surrogate mothers had been admitted to hospital with contractions. The Dr advised that the surrogate mother (singleton) is having contractions however the neck of the womb is closed. It is hoped that this will settle down after some medications. The medications were uterine relaxants so I am assuming that these medications will stop the contractions and not relax the neck of the womb and let the baby out!

Neha from the company advised us that they are keeping her under observation and will give us the next update by tomorrow morning (Tuesday morning). We are hoping that is simply a case of Braxton Hicks contractions. 

As we haven't  heard back from  the Dr  regarding the health of our baby or the surrogate mother we are hoping that  all is well and that the surrogate is out of hospital.  The 32 week scan was due to be done today for the surrogate mother who was admitted to hospital yesterday so we are expecting that the scan will arrive today with the progress report from the Dr.

It is amazing the things that go through your mind when something like this happens.
  • How is the health of our baby?
  •  What has happened to cause this?
  •  How long will it be until our baby arrives?
  •  Will this be a  cesarian section birth?
  •  How long will the baby be in hospital for?
  •  Which hospital will we send the baby if it is born prematurely?
  • Are we ready to jump on a plane and head to India now? 

These are some of the questions that I asked of the Dr in my emails at 4AM this morning.  I am hopeful that she will tell me not to worry and that all will be fine with the health of our baby. 

Brad was hoping that the babies would all be born around mid February as that way he would only have to buy one birthday present for 4 people so we are crossing our fingers that the medications work and they stay put for a few more weeks. As of today we have fast tracked all of the paperwork on the off chance that they arrive earlier than expected. Airline tickets have been booked so we are ready to go when they come. 

Brad has been running around trying to arrange his DNA test as the advice from the Australian Embassy in Delhi is that he must have his DNA tested here in Australia. If you are looking at having your DNA test done soon please be aware that we have been experiencing delays with the testing process as it appears as if our Sydney based testing company has experienced computer issues as some of their computer servers etc are located and Brisbane and they have been badly impacted by the recent flooding, or so we have been told. We initiated and paid for the DNA testing service on December 20 however we are still waiting to receive the paperwork and the location details for the testing centre. 

Hopefully the next post will be a 3D scan image. Peter 

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  1. Hope all well with your surrogate!!! Try and relax and know they are all in the best of hands