Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two bumps and three in the back

We received some photographs of our surrogate mothers the other day. They both look absolutely radiant however one looks a little happier than the other. It could be the fact on is carrying a single and the other is carrying twins.  It was wonderful to receive these photographs as it added another touch of realism to the whole experience. We have decided not to publish these photos out of respect for the privacy of our wonderful surrogate mothers.

We received an email from the agency regarding the scheduling of the next scans for mid January however the next day we received an email that contained a scan for the surrogate mother who was carrying the singleton. Hmmm? This scan was done as per the advice from the obstetrician, which goes to show that the babies and the mothers are under the best care. All appears to be well with the mother and baby.

We have now extended our departure date by two weeks. This is mainly due to the fact that both pregnancies are progressing well and we no longer have any major complications. If all goes as planned we should now be leaving towards the end of February. We may even be able to squeeze in a few days shopping in KL on the way over.  Babies, Poppa needs to do some shopping at Pavilions and the  KLCC, to buy you some clothes at the baby gap and baby billabong stores,  so please hold off until  23 February to make your arrival.

I love the sales at David Jones. We managed to get a large suitcase  on sale  40% off the marked price. This case is large for us,  76 cm x 52cm,  as when we did our trip to India, Phuket and KL in 2009 we only took hand luggage for 23 days abroad. We have always traveled abroad with hand luggage only  however this time I feel that we will use all of the luggage allowance or the trip back.

I picked up the car seats today. The looks that Jill and I were getting as we were wheeling the boxes through the shopping centre. You could see the eyes following you as we were pushing through the crowd. I couldn't work out if they were thinking, what the or you poor guy. I was surprised that Jill's I30 fitted the 3 seats across the back with the suitcase in the boot. When I got home I installed the seats in the soccer mom,  I mean baby wagon (CX7). They all fit however it will be a little crowded when they get older. There is still heaps of room in the boot to carry their new suitcase. We have decided that when we go away when they are older, they will be allowed to pack one small toy and a teddy with their clothes. They will all fit in the new suitcase however the enforcement of this rule will be dependant on the number of hugs and kisses that they give us.

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  1. Glad all well with your surrogates and little ones.. Your back seat definitely looks fit for bursting..

    Take care