Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Delhi Traffic

For the uninitiated, Delhi traffic has to be seen to be believed. How you can fit so many cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, rickshaws, motorised rickshaws, bikes, pedestrians, steam rollers, donkey powered carts, horses and the odd elephant side by side on a 3 lane freeway has be completely stumped. Oddly enough it seems to work, apart from today. We had about 10 ml of rain today so the city was in complete gridlock as it appears as if they neglected to add drains to the end part of the freeway ramps.

We went to visit the boys today at the hospital were they are being kept. We left at 10.30 and got back at 3. We spent 70 mins with the boys the rest of the time we were traveling the 30 km distance each way. We are arranging to have them moved back to the hospital in GK1 by tomorrow. I must also add that the Dr and the nurses at the other hospital have been nothing short of fantastic with they way that they have treated our boys. We are hoping that they will be released tomorrow. Brad is up feeding Alice tonight. The hospital that she is in is about 80 m away from the hotel.

Alice, Oscar and Jonathan are all doing very nicely. Alice is such a little princess and the boys are just adorable. Jonathan looks like dad. He also has those, I've been here before eyes. According to the nurses Oscar seems to cry a fair bit and Alice can be rather fussy also. Hmmm. We have now got all of the birth certificates for the kids.

We went shopping at Select city mall today. What a breath of fresh air it was to be in an air conditioned shopping mall where you didn't have to jump over puddles to avoid the mud to visit a shop. Mind you, the mall is very upmarket by Indian standards however it would be the equivalent of the  DJ centre in Brisbane or the QVB in Sydney. It is times like this that you really miss your Myer or Dj stores.

India is an amazing country in the fact that you see very little that goes to waste. Plastics, paper and the like all sorted and reused. In fact the toilet paper in our hotel is made out of recycled paper. We had rolling blackouts on Sunday. It really pays to stay in a hotel that has a back up generator. The power supply has improved since our last stay as we have only had black outs on one day rather than every day like we experienced in 2009.

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  1. Hi Peter and Brad
    Great to here all is progressing…. will obviously be better when boys are moved closer. Where are you staying as now starting to think of what the best option is for us…. so many things to arrange as you obviously know!!! How much stuff did you bring over with you? Or are you buying stuff at the markets?
    Take care and post some photos!!!
    Paula and Justin