Friday, February 18, 2011

End of week 1 in Delhi

We arrived 7 days ago in Delhi. During this time we have seen most of the city whilst looking for accommodation, visiting babies and attending various appointments. We are moving hotels today, all of about 100 m down the road to a property that is owned by the hotel that we are staying in now. It has a bedroom and a small sitting area, perfect for our angel "Nurse Miriam" to look after the 3 kids.

We have 3 distinct personalities already with them. Jonathan is so laid back and easy going and will only cry, well hardly ever. He just sits there looking at everything taking it all in. Oscar will happily sit there and watch life go by however when he is hungry or wet he lets you know rather quickly. Princess Alice. Well the title says it all. She is the most talkative of the bunch. She gives you one warning that something is wrong. We have learnt not ignore that warning. When she is clean and full she will also just sit and watch life go by and she is such a pretty girl. They all love being cuddled and hugged.

We went for the DNA tests yesterday. Our appointment was  scheduled for 11am Delhi time (11.40 arrival) and as if by magic, as had bee previously foretold, the Australian Embassy official appeared from out of no where. What a wonderful lady she was. She even took a photo of the kids for office staff as this was the first time that they have had 3 at the same time. The boys and the princess cried and cried as they took a blood sample from their heel. After all of the crying was over they all promptly went back to sleep.

We should be out of here in a few weeks if all goes as planned. I hope that the time will pass quickly and that our little ones continue to grow. They have all put on about 200 grams since they left hospital. Alice loves her bottles. Great, it is 7.30 am and they have started cutting the concrete outside of our window. Better close the curtains for when the piece of rock shatters the window. The next post will be about how to obtain a Draft demand in Delhi. Peter


  1. Progress!! Love the details on each little ones personality. The cutting concrete mention made me laugh out loud..blessed India!

  2. Glad all going well!!! Would love to see some pics of the little ones!!!