Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How quickly they grow.

It is my turn to do the graveyard shift. Oscar hasn't settled from his 11.30 and is calling for me to come to him. How can a sweet little thing like him change formula to that, and twice in 30 mins I might add. We are hoping to have the results from the DNA tests later this week. We have lodged the citizenship by decent applications and for now we simply have to wait. Oscar no longer fits 0000 and Alice isn't far behind him.  Luckily we packed some 000 clothes however we didn't expect the kids to grow this quickly. We had a check up 3 days after we broke them out of hospital. They have all put on about 200 grams however that was nearly 5 days ago. They are taking between 80-120 ml every 3 hours and they all seem to love their food, especially Alice. I am sure that I heard her squeal with excitement when she realised that I was about to give her a bottle.

I have only been able to transfer a few photos as the hotel that we are staying is has a pretty hit and miss internet connection. Peter


  1. They all look adorable and very content! 80 - 120 mls is good going for little ones!!!! Now wonder they are growing so fast...

  2. Great photo … they all look very contented! :)
    I better get some 0000 but they are very hard to come by here :( so have only got newborn or 000! They will just have to grow into them! Loving the posts. Take care and enjoy the time with your gorgeous babies.

  3. Just Gorgeous, peas in the pod.
    We might just see you next week, coming to Delhi on Tuesday,