Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to get a bank demand (Money order) in Delhi.

To pay for the part of the citizenship application with the Australian High Commission in Delhi you need to obtain a Bank Demand (Money order) Well, we had been told by all and sundry that you just have to go to a bank and complete the paperwork and you would receive the requested item. This is simply not the case. We have also been told that you speak to the reception area of your hotel to arrange one however when I asked for one from the hotel that we were staying at I was greeted with a blank stare. Hmmm

To obtain one of these items you must go to a nationalised bank, such as the Punjab Bank which is located about half a block away from the beginning of M Block markets. You need to fill out one of their large white forms and then go and pay the teller the amount to the value of the demand draft that you are seeking. You will then be referred to a teller who will then process your paperwork (enter the details on the computer) You will then be referred to another teller who will check you ID and then complete the process by authorising your demand draft. Allow 45-60 mins for this process.

The demand must be in favour of "Australian High Commission New Delhi". This is the real reason why we were running late with our DNA testing appointment. Time to go, Princess is calling. So begins another sleepless night. PEter

Thanks to all those who have offered their input on the bank draft issue. Please read the comments for further details. 


  1. Hi Peter, we were in Delhi in January and were able to go the Bank of India, located just around the corner from where the DNA test takes place and obtain a bank draft. We went up to the teller, asked for a bank draft for the AHC, paid a 50INR fee and the amount of the bank draft and had the bank draft immediately. Stacey

  2. Thanks for your post. Any info that can make the process streamlined and less stressful is great! SJxx

  3. Ashoka Bank across the road from the AHC is your place to get bank draft. It's in Bob's Guide.