Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quick update

They're here! We're over there! 2 boys and waiting for the singleton to arrive. They are well and will be out of hospital and with us soon. Long trip, arrived to find no hotel booked, a story for another day. Best day of our lives today as we met our little boys.  As we were leaving yesterday Brad turned to me and said, "Hold on boys, your dadies who love you are on the way and will be with you soon". They have such large feet and are appear to be ticklish on the their feet and under their arms. They are both very beautiful and both very different in looks. The nurses say that they don't cry very much and that they are easy to look after. We will soon find out how true that really is. Peter


  1. Congrats on your boys! One more boy and you'll have the other bookend to our girls! Best wishes and enjoy each moment that will become a lifelong memory!!!

  2. Hi Peter and Brad…. glad you arrived safely and got to see your little fellows…. expect lots more photos soon! Keep us posted on the other pending arrival… bet it is a little lady!
    Paula and Justin

  3. Congratulations! What wonderful news! Two boys is fantastic. Can't wait to find out their names and see pictures AND find out if they have a brother or sister. Wishing you a safe trip and hopefully a stress free baby pick-up.

  4. Congratulations boys!!!!! Glad all well and your little ones are doing well!! We want NAMES!!!!! Post some pics when you get a chance..

    Congratulations again, ENJOY!!!