Monday, March 28, 2011

Back to work

Well, my 6 week experience with the little munchkins has come to an abrupt end. I start work again in about 90 mins. Brad will now have sole caring responsibility for the Jonathan, Oscar and Alice from here on in. I am lucky that I will be starting at 7am and finishing at 3pm. This will make the go day fairly quickly for Brad. I will be doing the 4.30am feeds as I am usually up getting ready for work at that time.

They are getting bigger by the day. We will shortly need a crane to lift Oscar out of his cot due to his size, a very solid (not fat) little boy. Alice has really taken to the kissing game. I now just have to look at her and say kisses and she opens her mouth waiting for me to push my cheek a little closer to get kiss from her. Jonathan has also started to work out how to play the game as he realises that as soon as it is over he gets his milk. Oscar, well he just isn't interested in playing that game as yet. He has taken to talking, well making noises, especially when I bath him.

The kids have had some issues with sleeping lately. We jumped on the net and read about the benefits of white noise. While Brad was deciding which CD would be the best one to buy (Fan noise, car noise etc) I turned the radio on and moved the dial off station. We now have FM static and 3 sleeping babies. The stereo in the nursery now plays FM static and we now have 3 babies who sleep between feeds.

If anyone has, or is expecting multiple babies, you should consider using the Podee baby feeding system. They have helped us feed 3 babies at once, hands free. We don't use them all of the time, yes we still do one on one feeding, however they come in really handy when you are at home by yourself with 3 crying babies. They were on Oprah. I am unsure if the reduce wind as claimed however they allow you feed 3 babies at once. Paula, you should have a look at getting some of these for your three. You can get them from ebay at a really good price.

Some photos. Peter


  1. Wow they look amazing! The FM static is a good tip, annoying, but if it works...
    6 weeks is not enough!! That just sucks. I think Brad will be worn out by 3pm and really look forward to Peter coming home. I can only imagine your schedule with 3! They are gorgeous!!

  2. Definitely will loook at the bottles but will see how i go with breast feeding first! The photos are great and gee they have grown so fast....can tell which one is Oscar!
    Will be keenly watching to see how it all goes now that Brad will be stay at home alone....sure you will do fine!
    Not long now for us....gulp!

  3. They are growing fast!!! Hope you both adjust to the new routine!!! Your back seat is definitely full....