Saturday, March 19, 2011

My how quickly they grow.

Now that I have fully recovered from our traumatic encounters with the MHA and FRRO in New Delhi (I still feel that more therapy is required however some Verse 1 Cardonnay with do the trick),   I finally have the time to post some photos. The kids are thriving in the clean air of Australia. They no longer constantly sneeze.

The boys are 6 weeks old on Monday and Alice will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. Oscar now weighs in at a hefty 4.5kg, Jonathan at 3.5kg and Alice is 3.75kg. Alice has worked out how to play the kissing game with me. After about 2 goes she worked out that if she plays along with me she gets a bottle and of course some unwanted hugs and kisses. Oscar is ready lifting his head up when we put him on is stomach. Jonathan has started to imitate the call of a local crow. I have to listen really carefully to see if he is calling me or if it is the crow. The kids are responding to their names and they all know what the sound of the microwave means, MILK. We managed to get some red books for them. They had their first trip to see Dr Gary on Thursday. They loved the car ride and remained asleep for most of the trip and visit.

The air-conditioner for their room was installed on Friday. Now it is too cold in there, even with the temperature set on 25 degrees. They love their musical aquariums. Oscar has worked out how to turn his on.

Time for some photos:


  1. They are adorable, it's a baby fest at your house! I am so jealous of Alice's little dress, actually of you for having Alice, I don't get to play frills and ruffles : ( So gorgeous, all of them.

  2. Oh so cute and still oh so big compared to my squirts. Love Alice's outfit !!! I agree there is no place like home.
    So glad they are doing well. I hope you are coping OK without Miriam.
    Hope to see you soon. X

  3. I love their round little beds. So cute! :)