Monday, April 11, 2011

Vaccinations - Poor little dears

We took the kids for their 8 week vaccinations on Thursday morning. Hep B, Whooping Cough and Rotavirus were on the menu for the kids to sample. Over the past 4 days we have all of the possible side effects that the kids could get. Sunday was by far the worst day. Each of them took turns vomiting on me. Both of the boys also decided that I needed a pee bath and Oscar took it one step further and decided that my white pants needed some brown stains over them. All clean now.

They are growing by the day and their personalities are really starting to come out.. They all answer to their name, except Alice. She ignores you unless you have a bottle in your hand. Then you get a "Well, it's about time" look which is usually followed by a scream, because she can.  Jonathan is now 4.75 kg and he smiles most of the time. He has started talking to himself, and sometimes us. Oscar is now 5.5 kg and is much bigger than this brother. We is so talkative and loves the artwork on the walls. Today he was watching the television with us. I think that he likes the colours. Alice, Alice, Alice. Our little girl. She now weighs in at 4.7 kg. She is such a sweet girl. I am happy to announce that her lungs and voice box work really well. She loves being picked up and like here brothers she has started to smile at us.

They take turns at keeping us up during the night. Dr Shivani said that it would take about 3 months until we would have a restful night. They are teasing us with 4, 5, 6 and even 8 hours of sleep however they always seem to wake up at midnight. We have started a new routine of afternoon walks followed by bottles, a bath and then sleep by 7pm. We will see how it pays off.

Photos to come.

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