Saturday, May 14, 2011

I have been abandoned

One night earlier this week I suggested to Brad that he should take the kids and go and visit his parents while I am working during the week. Well, he actually thought that it would be a good idea and here I am on a Saturday night watching Dr Who and Spooks by myself. Yes, I am getting my 8 cents a day worth out of the ABC.  His parents live about 4 hours north of home at a lovely little seaside town however I was rather surprised to get a phone call from Brad after 3 hours 25 mins saying that he and the babies had arrived safely at the other end.

This is the first time that that we have taken the car out of the city and on a long run since we purchased it. Even the dealer was surprised to see that we had only done 2898 kilometres when I took it in for the first 6 month service.

Alice has started teething. My poor little bubba. We also think that Oscar is teething as he is displaying all of the classic teething signs. Jonathan has some white spots on his gums however I haven't been able to find any teeth as yet.

The kids are growing by the day and becoming more interactive with us. Jonathan and Oscar both smile at us in the mornings when we go in to say hello. Alice is usually asleep but by the time she gets out to the lounge room she is wide awake and full of beautiful smiles. They all talk with us, especially Oscar. They whinge until we take them out of their cots and bring them to the lounge room with us. They are as happy as Larry when they are out with us and they hardly ever make a sound. They love the paintings on the wall. Oscar has dibs on main painting in the lounge room, Jonathan has dibs on the smaller water colour and Alice has set her sights on the the Pro Hart on the wall. Very smart move on her behalf if you ask me.

Oscar kicked his legs out the other day and moved them from side to side and rolled over. He then proceeded to put his legs up again and roll back over landing on his back. Alice is rolling off of things already. Lucking she is only rolling off of me and i am there to stop her falling. I think that they will be mobile in the near future.

A few photos to enjoy.
Princess Alice

Oscar smiling

Out shopping in the city 

Out shopping in the city 2

Jonathan unhappy

This is where our trampoline will go Aunty Jill. (hint hint).  Close to the pool so we can jump from the tramp to the pool. And yes, there is a pool fence however it is out of view.