Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A few quick photographs

It has been about five weeks since our last post. The kids have grown so much and now the boys weigh about 9kg and Alice is about 8 kg.  They are about to hit the 26 week mark next Monday. They are now scooting around in their walkers. Well, Jonathan hasn't quite got the concept of the walker yet however he is trying. They love their pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots and apple. Alice loves spitting it all over Grannie. They each have a favourite toy. Jonathan has a dinosaur, which he loves to rest on his face. Oscar has a best friend called Tigger and Alice has made friends with Piglet.

Alice has discovered her voice and loves to test it out by screaming for most the day. There is nothing the matter, she is testing her vocal range. Oscar started to copy his sister but a stern 'No' put an end to this.  Oscar and Alice are rolling with Jonathan bringing up the rear. He is too busy smiling to worry about rolling. Why should he roll when he just has to give one of his beautiful smiles and he gets picked up. Winter is finally drawing to close so I am hoping that we will be able to get the kids out in the prams in the very near future.

Brad and the kids went to the beach to visit his parents. I had to stay behind and work however I used this time to do some renovations, cleaning and baby proofing of the house. They arrive home tomorrow. The garage now only fits one car however I will be listing most of the stuff for sale on the net. My goal is to get my car back in garage in time for the storm season in November.

We have extended all of the cots from the mini stokke to the full size stokke cots. There is plenty of room for the kids now. Time for the last minute clean before they get home.