Friday, November 25, 2011

Photo time

It has been a while since we last posted. Between the kids and work, it is so hard to find a spare moment. The kids are thriving and are so very happy. The kids are now about nine and a half months old. Jonathan and Alice are now sleeping through the night however we are still working on Oscar. Jonathan finally made the first crawling movement however he seems to get around the room when you aren't looking. He loves making shadows with his hands in the afternoon sun. All the kids have teeth with more coming through. The all stand up. Alice is finding her balance and lets go of things when standing. She then looks at us and laughs as if to say, look at how clever I am. Oscar moves around the room using the edge of the lounge as support. They will be walking very very soon.

 Oscar has started to shake his head (No) when you ask him questions. It makes for some entertaining videos. Brad and the kids are up at the Bay again so I am taking the opportunity to 'reset' the house back to sparkling again.  We need a cleaner, wait a minute, that's me!

We put the new car to the test the other day when we went out for a spin with some friends.  4 adults and 3 babies out shopping for pots. The car passed with flying colours. The kids are growing so quickly. They are now in 1-2 size clothes.

The kids eat anything that is put in front of them. They will eat almost any vegetable or fruit  known to man. They love ice blocks, especially weis bars and have a hearts. I take the chocolate off the have a hearts first. Oscar has a fully developed ice block sucking action. He will eat half of a weis bar before I have to force him to stop. Must be the mango. The kids love watermelon and mango and kiwi fruit (chinese gooseberries).

Alice has worked out how to change the channel on the remote while the boys are still content to suck the remote and reprogram the TV. Time for a few photos.