Thursday, December 29, 2011

She walks - We are in trouble now

Well, our nurse in India said that Jonathan would be the first walk. Well I can report that Miriam was wrong. Alice is the leader of the pack. Friends said that she would be walking by Christmas however she started taking the first steps on Boxing day at 10 months and 2 weeks of age. Initially she took 2 steps and now she takes between 8-12 steps before sitting down or reaching the desired object. She thinks that she is so clever when she walks and give herself a round of applause each time. Oscar also took a few steps the other day however we haven't seen any other attempts since then.  Jonathan has mastered the art of crawling should be taking his first steps within the next month or so.

The family room is like the main road of GK1. The kids must think that they are India when they are in their walkers. They bang into everything and run around screaming with their horns (music) blaring. Alice is testing the strength of the perimeter fencing (child proof gates) by ram raiding them at high speed. She hasn't been able to escape as yet however she is trying to unlatch the gates. She has been watching us and knows how to unlock them but she doesn't have the strength to lift them up.

Oscar can now reach things on the on the kitchen bench and tables. I was tidying up the kitchen today and realised that the kids were quiet. I went out to the lounge room to find that Oscar had pulled a newspaper, a book and a pair of glasses to floor. Alice had the glasses in her mouth, Oscar was ripping the cover off the book and Jonathan was eating the newspaper. Honestly!

These kids don't miss a thing. Anything that is out of place is noticed and is fair game. Alice is very determined in that respect. You can't even have a cup of tea without them trying to grab it from you. The kids will eat almost anything that is put in front of them. Vita brits, vegemite and peanut butter sandwiches, ice cream, custard and jelly.

Alice has 7 teeth and the boys both have 4 teeth each. They crawl around and play games with each other. The laugh and carry on. The neighbours don't need alarm clocks due the noise in the mornings. They all generally go to bed by abut 7pm and wake between 4.45 and 5.30. Oscar often wakes us and in the morning by banging on the wall to let us know that he is up.

Their first Christmas went well however next year will be better as they should have a better appreciation of what it means. Time for some photos.


  1. You've rightly hinted at all of the next changes you're about to face - having to move everything (constantly) and little people pointing out when there is a major incident in the house, such as a cupboard door being left ajar. The best bit is very much so the interation increasing. Enjoy it all!!!! And merry xmas to your crazy house from ours.

  2. Very nice post, Happy new year, and best wishes!

  3. Yep, time to put the child locks onto all the cupboards, and put all the good stuff up high! Oh the joys of childhood! Boys, your kids are beautiful, and you're doing a wonderful job! Can't wait for more photos!


  4. My friend also has triplets, and her little girl (the smallest one at birth) is already showing her brothers how things are done! She has the exact same picture as you too - keeping those boys in place! Love it!