Saturday, April 28, 2012

Growing up - 14 months old.

Life has been ever so hectic over the past few months.  It has taken me about seven weeks to write this post.   It is just so hard to find the time to sit down and translate our daily lives into words.

Since the last post our kids have changed and grown up so much. All three of them are walking / running and have a full compliment of chompers.  If they see it , then it's fair game.   We have moved the display cabinet, the lamps, the side tables and you have to pass through the various gates to get around the house. You have to be quick when passing through a checkpoint as Alice and Oscar can move as quickly and quietly as ninjas.  Sometimes when you turn around in the kitchen, you are confronted by a smiling toddler looking up at you. 

They talk and talk, and then talk some more.  Danger is the word of the week this week.  We have been watching the dvd, 'Your Baby Can Read'.  I would recommend it to parents however, if you are English or Australian you have to make allowances for the spelling errors and it can be hard at times to understand voices as the DVD is aimed at a Northern American market.  We just turn the volume down on the TV and do our own voice overs in English when the words appear on the screen.  They are picking up the words and phrases with ease.  Arms up is especially handy when we are dressing them.  Alice picks her own clothes most of days.  She is getting quite good at it.  We will be commencing potty training with Alice over the coming days. She tells us when she needs to go. 

At the 12 month check up they were developing as expected.  Oscar is by far the heaviest of the three kids. At the 12 month check up he was 13.6 kg, Jonathan was 12.9 kg and Alice as 11.9 kg. They are all walking with Jonathan taking the plunge at 12 months.  We are in the process of switching from formula to cows milk.  No allergies so far and the kids love the taste of the milk.  They love peanut butter sandwiches, grapes, watermelons and butter chicken. 

We had a lady over to give the kids swimming lessons. They loved it, especially Jonathan.  He is a natural born swimmer. They run around the front yard playing with each other.  They have just discovered the slippery dip and never seem to tire of it.

There are certain things which I have finally accepted and have managed to let go of:
  1. The white leather lounge and cream carpet in the living room can be cleaned. We didn't have kids when we purchased the lounge.
  2. The new curtains are no longer new and they can be washed or dry cleaned to make them look new again.
  3. We have to buy multiples of the same toy or plastic container to avoid having a round of WWF happen before our very eyes.
  4. The TV remote control will invariably disappear from time to time. It usually turns up a few days later hidden in the toy box. The bedroom TV remote is still missing.
  5. Our retro 70's dinner service can't be replaced. (Thanks Oscar). We had it for about 7 years without any breakages. Since the kids have been mobile we have lost 3 plates, a saucer and 2 cups.
  6. Teeth marks, dents and scratches on the dinning table can't be buffed out. 
  7. Bunnykins bowls are meant to be broken. (Thanks Oscar)

The front yard is full of bright coloured plastic play equipment. It looks like we are running a daycare centre.  The three of them can be rather loud at times and they wave to all and sundry who pass by in cars or on foot.   Time for some photos. The boys still have blue eyes however we think that Alice will end up with hazel eyes.

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  1. Great to hear that they are all doing so well... scares me as I know we wll soon be there too!